Lent calls us to give as we prepare for Easter. Since “most” of our students are not rich in money terms, we discussed other ways they could give. We are encouraging our students to give simple gifts like smiles, and we have asked them to also give forgiveness. Jesus told Peter to forgive “not seven, but seventy-seven times”, and so we also ask the students to forgive others in their classrooms, who may have offended them. This is good to also encourage at home.


Do you need that LENTEN Wake-Up Call, so you are ready for EASTER MORNING? Why not join us for a true Revival with Rev. Maurice Nutt? It runs Mon, Apr 3 to Wed, Apr 5, with each night starting at 7 PM. The Revival takes place at St Augustine of Hippo Church, 400 Rev Joseph Brown Blvd, East St Louis. Have your student write the Revival Priest’s name on a piece of paper and give it to Mr. Nickerson before 8 AM.


We had a great Benefit Dinner last Saturday. Many, many thank yous to all who attended and helped make it a success!


Registration Packets are available this week. We are putting them together, and will be sending them home to all the families that signed a Letter of Intent for next year. If you do not receive one today or Friday, please contact the office.


Start to mark your calendars! We will offer Dental Cleaning and Exams at school on May 10th. All students can be seen by professional dental staff. Children with a medical card or are on free and reduced lunch are free. All others can participate by using their insurance coverage or cash. This is a great way to keep our students healthy!


We are starting to see a lot more cell phones at school. Cell phones are never allowed at school, unless written permission from the principal is given. They are not allowed to be used on buses either. If your child does use a smart phone at home, DO THEM A FAVOR and check it often to see what they have been doing. It will help keep them safe from some darker sides of the Internet and Social Media.

24   Mar     Mass 5th Grade, 3rd Qtr Awards after Mass
31   Mar     March Madness Peacemaker Day, Mass 4th Grade
3-5 Apr     Annual Revival, St Augustine of Hippo, 7 PM nightly.
3    Apr     Extended Day, Final Session Begins
4    Apr      Lenten Reconciliation Mass 2:30 – 3:00
7    Apr      Grade 3 Mass, 4th Qtr Midterm
10 – 12 Apr  Iowa Spring Testing
10 – 13 Apr  No buses
13    Apr Mass Gr 2
14 – 23 Apr  Easter Break