“Sorry” versus “Will you forgive me?” This week we are working on an active message going back and forth between a person who offended another person and the person who was offended. This includes actions that are disrespectful.

We are asking the students to replace “Sorr-eeeeee” (which you might hear at home) with a simple asking for forgiveness. “Will you forgive me?” provides a chance for a response from the person that was hurt. We ask them to respond with, “I forgive you” when they are ready.  Please try this at home to encourage good communication and closure for actions requiring forgiveness.


We are still having a lot of cars speeding and running stop signs in the afternoon during our release time. To keep our students safe, all adults picking up students in front of school must pull into a parking spot. Please do not park across the street, as it hinders safe traffic movement, and it endangers our students that try to cross the street.


On Friday, 23 Sep, all students will receive a Progress Report for our midway point of the 1st Quarter. Please read them carefully, discuss them with your student, and contact the school or teacher as necessary to discuss any issues before we reach the end of the quarter.


Our testing is scheduled in each grade (2nd -8th ), starting Monday.

Please have your students here each day!

Please ensure your student has a lot of rest each night next week. Please ensure they are here at 7:45, so their day is not rushed, and please discuss with them the importance of this test. We use this test to see where each student is at academically, and we measure their improvement over the year.


As we work with students to resolve their problems through communication and problem solving steps, we ask you take some time also at home to see if they can show you the steps. Example, John is not keeping his room clean. Ask John what the rules are. Ask John what happens if his room does not get cleaned. Ask John to come up with ideas on how to make the room cleaning easier, more fun, or just a step in the normal day duties.

You can learn more at:


Our third Mass for the year is tomorrow, Friday, September 23, at 8:30 a.m. in the chapel.  You are welcome to join us for this Mass hosted by the 6th grade class.


You may notice some beautiful and colorful pinwheels turning in the breeze on the school front lawn. Our students made these to represent the peace we want in the world. Please join them in praying for PEACE. Our country and our world can use your prayers!


You can follow grades in Fast Direct, and your school code to sign in was sent home last week. We also use Fast Direct for urgent family notices, so be sure your contact information is always up-to-date. For questions or issues with Fast Direct, please send a note to school describing your issue, and Brother Tom will work to resolve it with you.