Out with the old

Out with the old

In with the new

In with the new

Thank you for your support!

Background: In August 2015, damages occurred with approximately 50 windows at the school. Given the school’s age (> 60 years old), Sister Thea’s leadership team developed a plan to repair the broken windows and to replace all of the single pane windows. Phase I of the window campaign was completed and new windows were installed in August 2016.

Recently we secured funding for Phase II with hopes of these new windows being installed over Christmas break 2017.

Need: Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School is seeking community partners to help us finish the window replacement throughout the school.

Long-term Goal: Raise the remaining $80,000 needed to replace the remaining windows.

Here’s How You Can Help: Please consider donating through individual, corporate or family giving at the levels below and adopt a classroom or window in your name.


$14,000 – Entire Classroom, “Glass Act”
$7,000 – Half Classroom, “Clear Vision”
$2,300 – One Vertical Section, “Clear View”
$700 – One Window, “A Window That Shines”

Partnerships: Sister Thea Bowman, Winco Windows, and GRP Mechanical Contractors, partnered to develop a high tech window system at a reduced price, that would allow us to create an enhanced learning environment. The manufacturers involved wanted to ensure our students enjoy light-filled classrooms in a safe and secure environment. Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School is proud to be a Midwest destination point for this specialized window application.

Key Benefits of New Windows:

Security: The outer pane of the window is made from polycarbonate, an extremely tough material that is impact resistant. Polycarbonate looks like glass, but will not break or shatter upon impact. These types of security windows are being installed in schools across the country.

Energy Efficient: Each window incorporates an air gap between the polycarbonate and the inside glass panel. The air gap creates an insulating barrier that keeps extreme temperatures at bay.

Quiet: The construction of the windows also provides another important benefit – reduced sound from outside noise. Teachers and students will no longer be distracted by traffic and playground noise.

Shade Control: On hot, sunny days the built in-shading system will help control solar heat gain in the classroom. The horizontal shades are built into the window itself, eliminating problems with dust collection and tangled cords.

Additional Facts:

  • Significant discounts from the window industry totaled approximately $70,000
  • Over 30% expected energy savings for the school
  • Savings on security system costs, no need for glass breakage sensors
  • Teachers can easily open windows allowing more ventilation
  • Replaces inefficient single pane glass windows and old window glazing

Your interest, generosity and support for our long-term sustainability allow us to provide a safe and attractive learning environment for our students.

We invite you to come and visit our school for a first-hand demonstration of this unique window system and to witness the wonderful work being done by our students, teachers and staff. We sincerely appreciate your contribution to help us reach our goal.

For questions or to arrange a visit to our school, please contact Roberta Trost at 618-397-0316 or email roberta_trost@yahoo.com.