Feedback from school families:

My child’s faith has increased. He recites scripture that he learned here at school. He sometimes gives examples of how God loves us. From an academics view my son has also improved. He reads and spells more than I knew he could. He is always eager to share what he has learned. His service to himself and others has made me evaluate my service. He is always asking to help because he says it is what we should do. Thank you STBCS!

“The Catholic faith has inspired all to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We have learned to have peace and respect for ourselves and others. We are taught to take pride in our school work and work hard to succeed. We appreciate all activities and programs that allow parents and student to get involved, and work together to prepare for the future that awaits us. So, to this, we say thank you for providing a safe and nurturing learning environment.”

Sister Thea Bowman is a great Catholic school. My daughter is struggling with her attitude and with help of staff at Sister Thea Bowman she’s getting better. Also she’s passing in all academic classes because of the teachers who care about her education. I’m blessed to be able to have my kids a part of the Sister Thea Bowman family.

“Learning and sharing, and knowing about our faith is one of the goals of Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School. This Catholic faith is offered to Catholics and non-Catholics. Our family is a third generation to attend Catholic schools in the East St. Louis area. We believe in it wholeheartedly.”

One of Sister Thea Bowman’s mission is to bring the call of Catholic faith to all students, Catholic and non-Catholic. It’s the responsibility of every Catholic young and old to share our faith. It’s awesome.

“Since attending Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School, my son’s faith in our Lord Jesus Christ has grown more than it had. He is able to tell me about songs and scripture he learned. His academics have improved greatly. He reads more and ask me to buy him books. Devin has a caring and giving nature. He would like to start a garden at school to feed the homeless. Go Devin!!!”

Children need to be equipped to believe in prayer and stand up for Christ and Christian beliefs no matter what stage of life they are in or how young they are. They need to know they can accomplish anything through Christ. As parents one of the best ways this can happen is by sending a child to a religious school so that they can be taught at home at school about Christ. Sending a child to a religious school enables our children to be ongoing advocates of Christ and future leaders, teachers and witness of Christ.