Prayers of Peace and Health from Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School.

Over 130 K-8 students completed their school year like so many others doing remote learning from their homes with student packets and ZOOM sessions. They were not able to minister during their Spring Concert due to COVID restrictions, but they kept practicing.

From basements, bedrooms, and kitchen tables, they continued their Violin Classes via ZOOM, and Mr. Phil, their teacher, recorded their efforts to build a mini-concert video. This video is about the need to keep moving forward because “it ain’t over yet”. Our students offer us hope in their dedication to “move” through this time of challenges of COVID sickness and racial progress by doing what they do best: leading by their example of hard work to make themselves and their community better.

Enjoy the ‘perfect imperfections’ of these incredible young boys and girls as they play their best for you.