Dear Friends of Sister Thea Bowman,

Welcome to Connections, we look forward to sharing our good news each semester! It’s difficult to believe that the school year is flying by and that we are well into the second semester. For many of us, a new year means the opportunity to reflect on the past while also setting goals and making plans for the future. As a school community, we too, take this time to be reflective of all that we’ve accomplished, of areas where we need improvement, and of excited anticipation for all the future holds.

At the beginning of the school year, our staff selected a quote from our namesake, Sister Thea Bowman, as our theme. “With God, I can change things. I can make things happen.” All year, I’ve been astounded by all the things our students, staff, families, volunteers and benefactors have done to “make things happen.” And we’ve done it together, with God guiding our hearts and the school’s direction.

Despite the challenges of an ongoing pandemic, our students continue to work hard and shine their beautiful lights in this world. From violin performances at a reception for Cardinal Wilton Gregory to students decorating the restrooms to make the school a more welcoming place to our Peacemakers upholding the highest standards for themselves to our National Junior Honor Society holding a supply drive for refugees and a food drive for our community — our students are truly changing things and making things happen. Getting to know them and watching their beautiful impact is humbling and a true gift to witness every day.

Just as humbling is watching the work of our staff and volunteers. Our teachers continue to give their all, every day, to teach, guide and love our students. From events like our Reading Night and Advent Prayer Service to our newly added “Donuts with Dad” to countless volunteers who come to help support our students in so many ways, I can proudly proclaim that there are so many caring adults who fill our building. We’ve been grateful for the support of our parents and families, as well. We are committed to creating a school community that cultivates the intellectual, spiritual and social growth of our students through a partnership with families.

We’ve actively committed to seeking input from families — through tools like our first quarter report card, completed by parents — to ensure we foster open communication. We also have tried to strengthen our presence on social media to keep families and benefactors informed of school happenings.

Lastly, another important reason that Sister Thea Bowman is able to make so much happen is because of our grantors, donors, and sponsors. Through your generosity, our students’ lives are being enriched now, which we know will have a ripple effect far and wide, for generations to come. Our school is blessed beyond measure because of the financial support we are given.

Please enjoy this issue of Connections, which will further highlight many of our first semester achievements. Thank you for helping us make these many wonderful things happen.

Tim Keefe