Registration packets for current families were handed out during Report Card Conferences. Those families who complete the registration and return the packet to the school by April 29 are entitled to a registration fee of $50.00 per child. After April 29, the fee per child is $100.00. Registration is not considered complete until all forms and required documents are filled out and returned with the fee. Tuition assistance is available to our returning families first, then new families. You will need to apply through SMART Tuition Aid. The sooner you return your registration packet and register online, the better chance you have of receiving tuition assistance. Please call if you need help accessing the computer. We will open our computer lab and Ms. Harriel will be available to assist you. We would love to see 100% of our students return for another great school year.


An Open House for potential new school families will be held on Tuesday, April 12. Open House times are 8:30a.m.-11:30a.m. and 1:00p.m.-3:00p.m. You are our best ambassadors to others about our school. Please invite those you know who have grade school students to consider attending this event. Have them contact the school office at 618-397-0316 to sign up to visit. Also, if you know of a church or preschool that would be willing to pass out STBCS flyers to interested families, contact the office and we can make sure that the flyers are available


Mass this week is on Friday, April 8, and will be led by Grade 2. The theme of our Mass is “Be at peace with everyone”. Talk with your children about the importance of peace in our communities and our world. Have them recite the Peacemaker Pledge and ask them how they are living those words.


To celebrate Cardinal Opening Day, this Monday, April 11, students are encouraged to wear Cardinal Red and enjoy the beginning of another season of Cardinal baseball!


Next Thursday, April 14, is our April Non-Uniform Pass Day. If you purchased a coupon book at last year’s Benefit Dinner, tomorrow is the day to redeem the March coupon.


There is no school on Friday, April 15, due to a Staff Meeting and scheduled PLC (Professional Learning Teams) time.


Knee-length khaki color walking shorts or capris may now be worn. Black or white tennis shoes are still a must-have, along with white socks that can be seen. Belts and nametags are beginning to go missing. Please take time to review the uniform policy found on pages 22-24 in the handbook and help your child stay in complete uniform during this last quarter.


Inscripción para 2016-2017: ¿Recibieron paquetes de inscripción durante las conferencias, si?  Las familias que completa paquetes ael ntes el 29 de abril pueden inscriben cada niño/a para $50.00.  Si inscribe niño/a después el 29 de abril el costo es $100.00/niño/a.  Si quiere ayuda con mensualidad necesita inscribir con SMART Tuition Aid por internet.  Las primeras familias que quiere ayuda tienen más oportunidad a recibir.  Llama la oficina si necesita ayuda con este proyecto.

Casa abierto: Para nuevas familias tenemos casa (escuela) abierto el martes, 12 de abril.  Una sesión es 8:30 – 11:30 y otra es 13:00 – 15:00. Llama  Ustedes están mejores embajadores de nuestra escuela.  Por favor, invita familias que tienen niños/as de esta edad.  Las familias necesitan llamar la oficina a 618-397-0316.  Tenemos folletos para pre-escuelas y iglesias para propaganda.

Misa: Tenemos la Misa el viernes, 8 de abril.  El tema es “La paz con todos.”  La clase 2 está preparando la Misa.

Rojo para Cardinales de Béisbol: El lunes, 8 de abril los estudiantes pueden llevar en camisas de rojo para los Cardinals.

No clases: No hay clases el viernes, 15 de abril porque tenemos una reunión de Equipo y una reunión con maestros de cinco otras escuelas.

Pantalones cortes: Los estudiantes pueden llevar pantalones cortes o capris ahora.  Necesita llevar tenis de negro o blanco con calcetines blancos. Cinturas y nombre IDs esta importante.  Mira reglas pp. 22-24.