Thank You God for wonderful students with bright smiles and excited energy for this new school year!  Thank You God for wonderful families ready to support their children to get the best education possible!

Thank You God for wonderful teachers and staff that will care for your children and will help them grow! Thank You God for bringing us together at this time, in this place, so we may journey this year together!


I am very happy to welcome you all to “OUR” school, Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School. I say “OUR” school because we all must work to keep it a great school through our prayers, involvement, and support. I ask you to start to think about what gifts and talents you have that you can bring to our school as we move forward on our vision to have much more family involvement in all that we do.

When you are asked to be involved, please “Listen to, Pray about, then Act on” the calling. Three simple steps on your part will make a world of difference in your child’s future!


Students arriving from 7:00 – 7:35 report to the cafeteria. All other students should be at the front doors by 7:45. We start prayer at 8:00. Please help your child be prepared for the day by arriving at 7:45, so they have time to unpack in their rooms, get settled, and then arrive for prayer with their class.


The bridge construction has made our dismissal a bit dangerous due to the increased traffic on Church Lane. Please be patient, use the parking spaces, and do not park across the street from the school, as that blocks traffic. Also, please do not use cell phones while driving…our children are too precious a gift! Students are dismissed at 3:30pm. Kindergarten through fourth grade leave from the front of the school while the older students in grades 5-8 will dismiss from the back. Know that students are always supervised by staff members, and they are not allowed to cross the street if you park across from the school. Your child’s safety is top priority for our Sister Thea Bowman family.


Please review uniform requirements from your handbook. We start to enforce the rules this week, so please do not let your student come to school without checking if they meet the standards. Key items: Belts (Brown or Black, Plain Buckle),  Socks (White), Headbands  (Girls: Plain, no bows, flowers, etc)

Hair (No designs cut into hair. If they have a design now, let it grow out and be gone by 1 Sep.)


Thank you for returning the signed Handbook Verification and Internet Use forms that were due on the first day of school. They were included in the family packet. If you still need any of these forms, please send a note with your child for the office.


Buses are scheduled to start Monday, 22 Aug. For bus riders, you should receive notification of pick-up/drop-off times and locations for your children. If not, please contact the office.


Don’t forget to complete the application for free/reduced meals and return it as soon as possible. The deadline for the application is Friday, September 2. Please note that failure to return a completed application form will result in full priced meals.


The Extended Day program for students in grades K-8 program runs Monday through Friday from 3:30pm-5:00pm. If interested, please return the enclosed registration form fee by Monday.


Ordinarily, our first peacemaker activity for the year is at the end of September.  As a special incentive, students who are Peacemakers during August (no major discipline issues) will attend a Peacemaker Activity on Wednesday, August 31, at 2pm.   Ice cream might be involved!


Our first Mass for the year will be Friday, September 9, at 8:30a.m. in the chapel.  You are welcome to join us for this Mass, as well as all Masses held throughout the year.  Ordinarily, our Masses are every Friday at 8:30a.m.  Please check the calendar for any alternate dates.


There will be NO SCHOOL on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 5.  School will resume on Tuesday, Sept. 6.