Thank you for being a part of our Annual Benefit Dinner. As the last Catholic school in East St. Louis, we welcome and need your support. We are especially grateful to those who bought tickets, donated silent auction items, participated in the oral auction, and helped throughout the dinner.  We hope that you enjoyed the evening and know that you will always be in our prayers. We look forward to many more years working together. We would also like to give a special thank you to our violinists and Mr. Phil Tinge for the hour of beautiful music, and to Rev. Tracy Holliway Wiggins and our liturgical dancers. You showcased what we do so well.

Many blessings and much joy be to all of you.


Mass this week is on Friday, March 11 and will be led by Grade 6. Know that you are always welcomed to come and celebrate with us.


Registration packets for current families will be handed out during Report Card Conferences. Those families who complete the registration and return the packet to the school by April 29 are entitled to a registration fee of $50.00 per child. After April 29, the fee per child is $100.00.
Online registration is required for SMART Tuition and SMART Tuition Aid. Tuition Assistance is available to our returning families first, then new families. You will need to apply online through SMART Tuition Aid.  The sooner you return your registration packet and go online, the better chance you have of receiving tuition assistance. 

Registration is not considered complete until all forms and required documents are filled out and returned with the fee, and you have completed the online registration. 


Please mark your calendar for Report Card Conferences, which will be held for Grades K-8 on Wednesday, March 23, from 9:00am-8:00p.m.   Upper Grade families, for the most part, will meet with all their teachers at one time, as well as Grades 4 and 5. Please note that students are required to attend the conferences with their parent/guardian. A Report Card Conference form is included in this Thursday’s envelope. Please fill out this form for each child’s teacher and return Monday, March 14. The sooner it is return, the better chance you have of getting the time you want.

Please note: All outstanding balances, including the Annual Benefit Dinner fee of $100, must be paid before the conference is held and the report card is issued. A student returns to school ONLY after the conference is held.