Classes are exploring the concept of “stewardship” during Morning Prayer. A steward is a person who is given both the authority over what she or he cares for and the responsibility for seeing that it lives and grows. We are all called to be stewards of what God has created.  As a school, starting next week on Monday, November 16, and ending Tuesday, November 24, we will collect canned goods for CUP, Catholic Urban Program. We will become stewards of our community.


During November, we are praying for our family members and friends who have passed into eternity.  Students and staff are writing these family members’ names on flames and placing them on candles at our entrance doors to show that those who have passed light our way. We will have some cut paper at the office if you would like to come in and write a loved ones’ name for remembrance. Special paper is also being used this month in the Book of Intentions and is dedicated to those who have died.  All are encouraged to write in the names of deceased family and friends.


Is your Annual Fund envelope still at home or have you returned it to school with a donation and/or prayer?  If it’s been misplaced, we are sending home the Annual Fund letter (again) with an envelope attached. Please return it to school. A challenge went out to the students: the first class to have 100% of their envelopes returned will have a pizza party on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving Break.


Picture Retake Day is Thursday, November 19, for students who were not present on October 16, and for students who need to get their photo retaken.  Students who are getting retakes must turn in their original photo package to the office.  Since the pictures will be taken first thing in the morning, students may come to school out of uniform and change after the photos are taken.


Mass tomorrow will be led by the fifth graders.  All are welcomed to attend.


Students who purchased the Non-Uniform Pass Coupon Book may be out of uniform this Friday, November 13. Please see p. 24 of the handbook to make sure they follow our Non-Uniform Day guidelines.


Flu and cold season is definitely here. Many students are going home with coughs and flu-like symptoms. Please remember that if your child is running a fever, she/he needs to stay home for 24 hours after they are fever-free. If your child needs to take medicine the following procedures must be followed:

  1. The school medication consent form must be sent to school to be filed in the school office. (Copies will be provided.)
  2. The medication must be sent in its original container.
  3. The container must be marked with the child’s name.
  4. The utensil for exact dosage must be included.

One last reminder: even if you call in to let us know that your child is sick, a note is also needed stating the dates your child was absent and the reason before your child can be admitted to the classroom.


Second quarter midterm is next Friday, November 20.  Midterm reports will be sent home on Tuesday, November 24.  Please note that all tuition, meal, and Extended Day payments must be current in order to receive this report.  Return the signed Progress Reports on Monday, November 30. Thank you for your cooperation.


Thanksgiving Break will be November 25-27. May you and your family enjoy the bounty and the graces of this Blessed Season!


Information on school cancellation or early dismissal due to bad weather will be broadcast on television Channel 5. In addition, an email or text “blast” will go out through Fast Direct.  Are you connected?