Weekly Newsletter – November 2, 2016


Although we will have school on Friday, Veteran’s Day, we will join our country in honoring our Veterans with our prayers and thoughts. I have been asked how somebody can be a military veteran and Peacemaker since they seem to be opposites. I remember a proud day when our 4-star General declared our new motto was “Peace is our Profession.” Our goal was to keep the peace in the world. Also, as a military member, I helped families and children in war-torn Bosnia and worked side-by-side with men trying to rebuild their broken nation in Afghanistan. No matter where our military went in the world, we met people just like Americans who wanted to “just raise their family in peace.” Military Veterans can be Peacemakers, so if you have a chance, thank a veteran for a little bit of peace that they brought to somebody in our world.


We are starting Advent Service Praise Dance and Violin preparations. The practices will cause some schedule changes during the day, and some extra exercise for our students, so please let them know that this is an important part of our school culture of Faith Formation and Education Through Music and the Arts. You will enjoy the fruits of this labor on December 15 at 7 PM, so mark your calendars.


This school will only be successful with donation of your time and talents. Please contact the office for more details!


Can you volunteer one, two, or three times a week to serve as a Lunch/Recess Duty Monitor? We are looking for volunteers ASAP to help us with this very important duty. Several of our teachers are with your students non-stop from 7:45 until 3:30 without a break, so please consider signing up for this duty. If interested, please contact the office, or send a note with your student.


The PTO held a meeting on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 3:45 PM in the school library. Their first activity will be a Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School Night at McCalister’s on Dec 7. Mark your calendars and look for more information to come. We’ll need volunteers, and we get 10% of profits and all the tips. A great time to work, eat, and socialize! For more information, please contact Ms. Coates at cbchild@gmail.com.


We are in school on Friday, 11 Nov, for Veteran’s Day, but there is no busing that day.


If you need your student’s picture redone, you must sign up for the pictures. Pictures will be taken on November 17. Students taking their picture can wear “picture clothes” to school, but they must bring their uniform to change into after the picture.


Our students and staff will collect canned food items for CUP starting Monday and lasting through Nov 22. We have a goal of 500 cans, which is three cans per student and staff member. We ask you to give generously, as all donations stay within the community!

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